Experience the charm of the friendly Tanzanian people first-hand. There are several cultural heritage sites scattered throughout the country where you can spend from ½ day to a week with one of the 130 distinct ethnic groups making up the population. At the sites you will encounter natural beauty, including: rain forests, big waterfalls, magnificent views, lots of wild life, and, of course, the charming Tanzanians themselves! Your cultural tour will directly support the villages’ desire to become more self-sufficient, preserve their indigenous culture, and aid environmental conservation efforts. Cultural Tourism Program Sites include : Babati and Hanang, Engaruka, Ilkiding’a, Materuni Water Falls, , Mto wa Mbu, Mulala, Ng, Northern Pare Mts,. Pangani, Western Usambara, Hadzabe and datoga tribe at lake Eyasi South of Ngorongoro