Happy Time2African Safaris

Happy Time2African Charity


 is the charity which deals with promoting childrens from backline societies /

& elders (grandmas /grandpas) within all societies in the united republic of Tanzania,

childrens provision of school equipment & elders social health care and diet meals are well attended.


To improve the life of most vulnerable children and( grandmas & grandpas) from native societies in local churches of the united republic of Tanzania


Our mission is giving children a childhood they deserve and ( grandmas & grandpas ) protection by protecting their rights of getting social services help eg.proper hospital treatment,good diets,clothing 


1.       To advocate childhood education to most vulnerable children

2.      To promote children’s self awareness  and confidence through provision of education.

3.      to take care of grandmas &  grandpas who are unable for social services themselves.

4.      To make them happy as orphans within their  homes by providing  them daily meals 

Generally our  main theme is to strengthen most vulnerable children  and elder  people  under social exclusion,

Reumi church international  is the registered organization with the aim  of reaching the unreached people with the gospel of Jesus  Christ in the united republic of Tanzania including children & elders social affairs

         Our passion is to restore the lost smile of the children  and elders by creating loving families which cares for children’s rights of education ,provision of school uniforms,exercise books,fees,etr,

Grandmas & grandpas require a great compassion since they are very old, they deserve to be well taken among the communities as well as entire orphans of the church.


 restoring back the lost smiles by building loving families and strong communities with respects and cares for everyone for Glory of God